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Sentry Glass Structural Laminated Glass

ArcGlass are proud to have been approved by Du Pont Co as certified processors of their advanced SentryGlas structural interlayer material to provide a laminated glass product with enhanced performance in Stiffness, Strength and Security.

Stronger and more rigid than conventional PVB Laminated Glass, SentryGlas interlayers create a safety glass that protects against the biggest storms, larger impacts and more powerful blasts. SentryGlas interlayers are a structural component within the glass and allow the use of thinner glass panes without any loss of strength and rigidity.

SentryGlas is up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than conventional PVB laminated glass. Laminated glass made with SentryGlas acts like an engineered component with low mechanical stress under loads and provides outstanding post-breakage risistance to creep and collapse. SentryGlas laminated glass gives ultimate protection and security even in the event of breakage , and can continue to perform safely until replacement glass can be produced and installed.

Furthermore, when installed in any situation where glass edges are exposed, or in any situation where where the glass edges are in prolonged contact with water, the superb edge-stability of SentryGlas is another major benefit compared to normal laminated glass.

The superb clarity and transparency of SentryGlas interlayer-material means that optimum levels of light transmission are maintained even when using normal commercial quality float glass.

When used with Low-Iron ( Extra-White ) float glass, the result is a glass laminate of ultimate clarity and transparency .

DuPont SentryGlas interlayers have been tested and accepted for use in hundreds of impact-resistant glazing systems, meeting some of the toughest building codes in the world.

Experienced glass laminators, such as ArcGlass, working with professional fa├žade system specialists, such as Sister Company Wajhat Aluminium & Glass, are able to meet the most stringent requirements of modern architectural design and construction for Safety, Security, Solar and Sound control, using SentryGlas advanced interlayers.

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