Business Partners
Our Vision
At Wajhat , our vision is to attain the highest position in our market , to be at least equal to , and to exceed, the very best in fitness-for-purpose in the field of Architectural Aluminium & Glass in Saudi Arabia and throughout the entire Gulf Region . As a result , we will strive to give highest-possible value to our Customers , to our Shareholders and to our Communities through working practices which are fully responsive to the complex requirements for sustainable manufacture and design to maximise environmental benefits in full compliance with current “Green Building” guidelines.
These are the true values at the heart of our Company from CEO to Factory Floor !
“Price is what you pay : Value is what you get !“
Warren Buffett
Our company staff is multinational staffs who are extensively experienced in the Curtain Walls industry and are totally focussed on providing competitive design solutions and products to satify our clients requirements for facades at the highest level of performance and aesthetics. |
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