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Our History
Wajhat Glass & Aluminium Factory was set up in Riyadh in 2009 in 42000m2 of custom-designed buildings on a “green-field” site and equipped with state-of-the-art glass & aluminium processing equipment of best European origin for the production of superior quality aluminium curtain wall, windows, doors, skylights, composite cladding panels and architectural flat glass products.
The prime objective of this impressive enterprise is to become a major, preferred source of high performance architectural aluminium and glass systems to meet the huge growth in demand from sophisticated construction projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the entire Gulf Region.
Wajhat Glass & Aluminium have succeeded in creating an Administrative, Technical and Production environment of the highest order with enormous design-flexibility to meet the most intricate requirements of every individual Client and Project.
In addition, Wajhat has the capacity to deal effectively and efficiently with the most challenging order volumes and construction schedules and to ensure maximum customer satisfaction in terms of delivery, quality and performance.
“A business that makes nothing but money is a poor kind of business“
Henry Ford
Our company staff is multinational staffs who are extensively experienced in the Curtain Walls industry and are totally focussed on providing competitive design solutions and products to satify our clients requirements for facades at the highest level of performance and aesthetics. |
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