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Metal Working

Wajhat Aluminium Factory is equipped with a comprehensive range of equipment for the cutting, drilling, forming, folding and welding of metal components required in the construction of Curtainwalls, Window & Doors and Architectural Metalwork.

Conventional cutting, notching and drilling are carried out by means of most modern CNC machinery which combines accuracy with very high productivity. Forming, folding and polishing are likewise highly mechanised to ensure, once again, accuracy and consistent high quality finish and appearance.
Wajhat Aluminium has established Teams of skilled personnel at every work-station throughout the entire Factory to ensure that machinery is correctly calibrated and maintained in order to maintain consistent high standards.

Type : Metals.
Our company staff is multinational staffs who are extensively experienced in the Curtain Walls industry and are totally focussed on providing competitive design solutions and products to satify our clients requirements for facades at the highest level of performance and aesthetics. |
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