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Metal Finishing
WajhatAluminium Factory provides a variety of metal-finishing to ensure long-term protection against corrosion and surface damage in service.
Hot-Dip Galvanizing
 Mild steel components, primarily fixing brackets and accessories for installation of curtainwall grids, are hot-dip galvanized in liquid zinc, a durable maintenance-free process for total protection at moderate cost.
Aluminium components ,produced initially in “mill-finish” condition, are anodized to increase corrosion resistance and also to increase surface hardness. In addition, anodizing gives greatly enhanced appearance and is a superb, high quality finish for a multitude of architectural applications, including windows, doors and curtainwalls. Anodized aluminium is an exceedingly durable finish in all climatic conditions and has excellent resistance to environments of considerable dust and sand abrasion.
Polyester Powder Coating (PPC)
PPC is a painting process by which a dry polymer powder (thermosetting or thermoplastic) is applied to a metal component by means of electrostatic attraction. The PPC coating is then cured in an oven to allow it to melt and flow to form a plastic skin which, on cooling, develops a very hard finish, tougher than conventional paint. PPC is a durable and cost-effective finish for all fenestration applications and is available in a huge range of colours. PPC has become the dominant finish for exterior aluminium components and is
widely used by WajhatAluminium.
In terms of Metals Selection, Metals Specification, Metals Processingand Metals Finishing, Wajhat Aluminium can adequately demonstrate compliance at the highest level of capacity and competence, and are well established to handle the most complexof designs in the entire field of architectural metal works.

Type : Metals.
Our company staff is multinational staffs who are extensively experienced in the Curtain Walls industry and are totally focussed on providing competitive design solutions and products to satify our clients requirements for facades at the highest level of performance and aesthetics. |
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