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ArcSeal Insulated Glass Units

Glass is one of the fundamental materials of civilized life as we know it today. It provides us with daylight and perfect contact with the external environment and simultaneously protects us from changes in weather and climate, from unwanted noise in a busy world and safeguards our security against criminal, ballistic and explosive attack.

However, considering all the materials in the Building Envelope, glass is the weakest element not only in strength, but also in terms of it’s poor thermal conductance which can result in unacceptable heat-gain, or loss, depending on Season. Theses excessive transfers of heat into, and out of, the building can adversely affect the overall costs of air-conditioning or heating, with consequent reduction in the quality of indoor comfort-levels. How can the performance of window-glass be improved in order to create a product which is able to comply with all the parameters of sustainable architectural design as required by current Green Building Rating Systems now in wide use throughout our Region?

Principles of ArcSeal Double Glazing

ArcSeal IG Units employ the principle of a dead air-space trapped between two panes of glass, separated by a metal or thermoplastic spacer, usually 12, 16 or 20mm wide, and sealed around the perimeter by means of a “Dual-Se al” process to ensure that the dehydrated air in the inter-pane cavity is permanently isolated from ambient atmosphere. Spacer material is available in “Mill-Finish“ (Silver), or Black-Painted finish which is especially favourable to structural-silicone curtainwall glazing where glass edges are fully exposed.

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